Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things I have Made

So lets start with dinner.  The burgers were prepared and cooked by yours truly.  I didn't actually grow the zucchini but I will definitely get on that next year.  Or the year after.  We have done a lot of barbecuing this summer and I think my technique has finally turned the corner.  I have stopped putting barbecue sauce on right at the beginning.  And surprise surprise, I am burning less stuff.

This next little poster thingy was completed two days ago.  Notice the stickers only go up to 8.  The youngest gets to put one sticker on for a pee and two for a pooh.  A blue number means he gets a candy and a red number means he gets a toy for the little stash of dollar toys I bought. You might also notice that there is room at the bottom of the poster to go beyond 200.  I am hoping that two weeks will have him completely trained but you just never know.

Next up is the glorious first raised bed.  It was a four day project (not full days) and it still needs about 2 cubic yards of manure/top soil to fill it but the bones are there.  And I am very happy.  16' x 4'.  Should hold my whole garlic crop for next year quite nicely.  Also I am going to work on a little green house type cover so that we can get the early season growing going a little faster.

Now I didn't create the deer posing in the background but this is what the garden we planted this year looks like.  You can see the squash in the picture above.  Here you can see the carrot tops, broccolli, tomatoes and peppers.  We have already harvest all of the potatoes, garlic, spinach and lettuce.  There is a little patch of chives and a growing set of straweberries that cannot be seen in either picture.  Gotta love summer.

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