Monday, October 4, 2010

Post Partum Post

So Chach and the gang left yesterday at about 6:30 for Kyoto.  It was a little bitter sweet.  We had a great time while they were here.  It was crowded and noisy and busy.  But it was great.  So nice to have my relatives hanging out together.  There were two or three nights where we sat around after dinner chatting.  With Sachon and I translating there was some interesting conversation and some good laughs.  The pictures are all from the week that was.

Over all I feel really good about how the week went.  Between taking Kohei to school or picking him up and Gus napping or feeding it was tougher than I expected to get out and about.  But we still managed to see the volcano, have an onsen, go to the seaside, get in a round of golf (just the boys), watch Kiyomi's sports day and eat every possible dish Allison could have wanted.  Junko made yaki niku, okonomiyaki, and tempura.  Yoshiteru managed to bring home fresh fish for Sashimi at least three of the nights.  We went out for nagashi somen. Ours swirled around in a whirpool in the center of the table but it was still fun.  We even got all cultural and made a stop at a shrine.  This of course will pale in comparison to their next stop in Kyoto but it was a little taste of the Kagoshima style.  There was a lot of beer consumed during their seven day stay and I definitely need to get my mojo back as far as eating properly and running are concerned. 

In other news the weather has finally changed and it was a little under 15 degrees this morning.  Thank goodness.  I am hoping for an extended fall, maybe it can last till February. 

As for the kids Kiyomi enjoyed her sports day and has a field trip coming up this week.  She is still a little anxious about school but for the most part is getting braver everyday.  Kohei continues to love going to school.  He had a practice session today for the Ijuin Town Sports day coming up this weekend.  All the kindergartners in the area take part in a giant dance in the middle of the track and field stadium infield.  Definitely some video will be taken that day.  It turns out I am also anchoring the four by 100 team of the 1st neighbourhood softball team on that day.  (there are 9 neighbourhoods in Myouenji where we live and we live in the first neighbourhood, in Japanese it is called Ikku (first is ichi, neighbourhood is Kuu, together ikku).  Hopefully I don't pull a hamstring or tear an achilles. 

Big plans to get into some hiking this fall with the kids.  Saturdays look to be the day of choice.  Working on some targets in the nearby area.  If they go well then we will start to search further a field.

Well time for lunch. 

Love out.

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Allison said...

The Holzer-dunnets had an awesome time too. Travelling with a baby sure was different and challenging but worth every moment. The kago leg is filled with great memories. Seeing kiyomi in her school uniform and walking her to school, talking with kohei (aka the spinning top) and listening to him talk a mile a minute in Japanese was cool. And seeing how much Kaz 'cool hand luke' Dunnet has changed. And the matsushitas were not only amazing hosts (everyone asks what are best meals were and we always say junko's home cooking) but were such fun, warn, friendly and open people. It was an amazing part of what for me was a trip of a lifetime. And I was reminded again how funny I find brother man when he had me laughing so hard I cried on a couple of our car rides.great times. And finally it was amazing to hang out with sachon where sge is from and feel that maybe I know her a little better and appreciate a little more what she gives up to be in Canada.