Monday, October 18, 2010

If the hat fits.

So last night I was fitted and it fit.  So I will be marching in Myouenji Mairi.  There are about 40 of us marching on Saturday and we all met up last night from 8 - 9. The guys who are in charge are pretty strict and basically treat this as if we are soldiers and in training.  However, it is a little more than that.

1.  We practice proper walking technique with all of our stuff for an hour a night for the next four nights.  This includes carrying the iron armoured helmet on your right hand a foot above your shoulder.  Practicing last night just carrying my hand like that for half an hour was pretty painful.  Tonight we get the helmets.

2.  During the parade we are not supposed to look left or right.  We are supposed to be just like samurai.  They say it really enhances the effect for the people watching the ceremony/parade. 

3.  There is a proper way to sit and stand.  We practice that too.  They mention that sitting stock still for 20 minutes, not quite cross legged, may put your legs to sleep.  This means it may be challenging to stand up properly when the time comes.  There was no mention of forgiveness for messing this up.

4.  I have to memorize a song that we will all have to sing while we march in the required manor.

5.  It turns out this is the song that Kiyomi was working on in school for about 3 months.  She managed to get to stanza 8.  There are 22.  There may be a lot of lips moving but no sound coming out from one large samurai in the back of the pack. 

The family here are all pretty excited so I am sure there will be pictures taken and probably some video.  So everyone is sure to get a taste.

Love out.


Allison said...

Awesome awesomeness! I can't wait to see video and photos. You are really doing it up right in japan by just getting involved in everything. Nice!

Heathen Mike said...

Good luck with that massive 22 verse song, sir. I think if you get through the whole thing you should get a real samaurai sword. That would be, as the kids say, the "bomb-diggidy".

Much love.