Saturday, March 27, 2010

T- Minus 5 Days.

Well faithful reader, the landslide of detritus continues from our house. The thrift store, library and dump were the lucky recipients today. Most of the dump stuff actually ended up in the reuse center and was being put into other peoples vehicles as fast as I could put it down. It was pretty heart warming to arrive at the dump thinking I was going to make a serious deposit and then to only have a few fatally broken things end up actually ending up there. Gotta love giving stuff you don't want a second life. In our case it was a third or fourth life for a lot of it. Tomorrow is the couch and the second dining room table we have.

On the storage front we have probably filled about 500 of the 800 cubic feet of space we have been allotted. With three beds, four bikes, two desks (legs removed) a bar fridge and a barbecue left to store it is going to be close. Lets put it this way, if there is an earthquake I am not worried about anything falling over.

Now to get down to business. Though we have eaten a meal every night this week, this evening was a nice chili burrito affair, we have but one picture. It is the Thursday evening meal. I came home from work earlyish and the Mrs. took her break and went shopping. She arrived back with fixins for burgers and fries. I did the honours and I was truly honoured by how well those patty's cooked up. Once again we have to say that you can't beat the quality of meat at the Overwaitea up here. For those of you playing along at home, yes those are yam fries. Very yammy.
After dinner we all sat down to watch a movie in the rearranged house, computer is now by the kitchen, living room is pretty much empty. The kids settled in to the big chair together and ate their ice cream bathed in the blue electric glory of dessert and a movie. Good times.

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