Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dinner and a Tissue

Sick boy # 1.

Sick Boy # 2.

Pizza # 1.

Pizza # 2.

Well we are wrapping up our extended spring break here much the same way we started it. Two boys down for the count and the house in a state of confusion. Only now we have sold our house and are packing for the move. The older boy has had this brutal cough but doesn't cough much when he is sleeping. Which he thankfully is doing now. The youngest sprang into action with a nice fever today but he has been out of sorts for a day or two so we saw it coming.

As for dinner on this last night of freedom I went for pizza again. We used some home made (not by us) maple flavoured elk sausage and though the sausage was great its sweetness didn't really accent the pizza in the way I was hoping for. Then for dough this evening I went with 100% white flour. The Mrs. used up the last of the whole wheat flour making bread a few days ago so we are down to white and seeing as we have a sack and a half left we really should use it up. I mean it still has nutritional value. Just not as much. It also lacks a little in the flavour department but hey.

And finally we have the one picture that was taken from our most recent trip to the coast. Our free fun day which went into the crapper as the boys started to get sick. Funny story but we are standing in line at American Customs waiting to get the wife's visa, we were going to visit my mom and her hubby at their vacation place, and the middle son pukes all over me while I hold him. I catch most of it in a free hand. One of the customs guys let us use the washroom that is not for public use and we ended up just heading back home. You gotta love kids.
This picture was taken in John Lawson Park. Anyone remember that dolphin.

Now here is a coincidence, we just finished watching The Cove. Wow.


sleep(y) student said...

The dolphin... now that is a memory. Hug everyone for me and tell them Aunty Joey is sending get well thoughts:)

Allison said...

that is a blast from the past. i can remember exactly how the stone felt under my hands. get well little men.