Monday, March 8, 2010

Beauty and the Beast.

So the beautiful home lasted for three days. Then today we started getting ready for next weekends garage sale. Today was toy day and we basically took all the toys out of the basement. The keep pile would easily fit in one largish box. The garage sale/give away pile was enormous and took about ten trips up and down the stairs to move into the garage. So yes we have no bananas but toys for those aged 1-5 we are overflowing with. We even went so far as to pack all the farm animals into a bag that is attached to the farm house. I am telling you there is some amazing garage sale goodness coming someones way this Saturday, 8-2. Of course after the organizing and before the up and down stairing I had to get the carport into ship shape. Things are definitely looking like they will come together for Saturday. Everything that isn't sold or given away will be taken to the dump. I am really hoping one of those scavenger types arrives at 2 and offers to take the rest of it away for nothing. The answer will be yes.

So to recap, by Sunday morning I am hoping we have boxes of clothes and beds in our bedrooms. Nothing else.

Tomorrow is tools and clothes day. With the tools organized then the rest of the garage will be fillable and with the clothes done we will be able to start moving dressers out. I worry that no one will want any of our crap and I will end up carting the lot of it to the dump. However, a friend offered up his utility trailer so I will not have to make quite so many trips. Now that is a big yeah. The Mrs. has decided the official price for anything without a tag on it shall be described in two parts, 1) make us an offer, 2) no offers will be refused. She basically wants to give everything away by donation and I am holding out for enough money to pay for the classified ad that will run Wednesday and Friday.

The awesomeness that was our living dining kitchen is now filled with boxes again, some empty, some full. I also priced out storage today. They aren't giving away space but it won't break the bank.

Well I hope you and yours had a great day.


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sleep(y) student said...

What about the local Sally Ann or what not..... Could you not have them come on monday and take away anything that is left? Then you could skip the trip to the dump? Even if they are in kelona... they must have a drop off place somewhere?