Friday, March 5, 2010

Are we Moving?

House is gonna be great. Here are some pictures of how our house looked today. It looks so nice we really want to live here.The white surfaces are known as counters. Apparently we have lots of them. I hadn't realised until today.
We have a very open living/dining/kitchen plan. There is lots of space.
Here you can see a home office and a tv area fit easily into our living room.

Well after a marathon attempt to get our house up to sales shape we finally finished today about 10 minutes before the first prospective buyers walked through. It was tough what with all the painting, rearranging, decluttering, taking apart of furniture and what not. However, with the final touches done and the carport looking seriously packed we left our home so someone else could come and see if they wanted to buy it. And they did. They lowballed us before lunch and then came back with the real deal in the afternoon. We hemmed and hawed for a few seconds and then gave our heads a shake. After a call to the bank and a little discussion with the realtor we got the take hold date moved back to April 1st and now we are starting to think about packing up. So if the house passes inspection next week the deed is done.

Now we are starting to talk about options from here on out. The plan that is getting the most play right now has the rest of the family flying off to Kagoshima on April 3rd with me following at the beginning of the summer. I will try and couch surf with some colleagues for the remaining months and the kids will get to start the school year with their Japanese peers. Still have to wait on the house inspection but the buyers seemed pretty motivated and I don't think there is anything glaring enough to sour the deal. Its an old house but for the most part it gets the job done.

Best case scenario has us down in Van next tuesday to thursday to pick up passports so we can book the flights. So you never know, dinner may be on at mom's after all.

Crazy crazy day but it is probably now time for bed. Later

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Allison said...

thrilled for you. hope the inspection goes well.

if they fly out on April 3rd any chance that they can come down on March 28th for the baby shower. Bummed that they won't be here to meet the little one but that school start plan makes tonnes of sense.