Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mystery Blog

Well I was sure I had taken some video reviews of a dinner a few nights back. I also got some video of the boy sleeping and then a picture of the dinner. Mysteriously they are all gone from the camera today when I finally get a minute to blog about them. Darn it. Well lets see what else do we have for you. The middle son is going for a play day on Saturday at his friends Vlad's house. Now you if you know anything about Japanese you will know that two of the english sounds that give Japanese fits are the "v" sound and the "l" sound. My wife is not particularily charmed with this particular friends name. However, we worked through this and I think things are fine now. Starting to get excited about coming down to the Vancouver games. And lets face it. If we are going to throw our tax dollars away on this party and mortgage our future for it we may as well enjoy it while its here.

On a different note, they sent out an e-mail today in my school district that they are going to close two rural elementary schools. Even though we already have a four day school week to cut costs we are still going to be in the whole next year due to lack of funding. I guess there just isn't any money in the budget for education.

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