Friday, January 29, 2010

Tako Yaki and Pizza (different nights)

So last weekend, while I was away, the family went and had a cultural night and made Tako Yaki. This is basically a doughnut/pancake ball with a piece of octopus inside. Lacking octopus the family went with squid. A fair substitute. I had some leftovers on Sunday. Not restaurant quality but I would come back again. Small video explanation below.

This evening we had a playday and dinner date. I was up for pizza while mom fashioned some veggies and dip. This is a karate pose. There has been lots of quality over exuberance lately. I think if people just paid the kid more attention when he wanted it there would be way less conflict in the house. Unfortunately he has some pretty stiff competition with his little brother and big sister. Good luck kid.
Here is the daughter with the play date friend. Notice the son photo bombing the shot. This kind of sums up the play date. We started at the pool and then came home for pizza and dance show. That is what necessitated the costumes.
Finally we have our dinner. The pizzas shown are pizza number four and five.
I have to say I am losing the thread on blogging about dinner. By my estimation there are two main factors.

1. Life is just too crazy. With trying to get the house ready to sell, finish one semester and start another, worry about being the bargaining chair for my local at a time of great uncertainty as to what that will entail in the next year I am swamped. There is also the huge demand that having three kids who all want personal attention whenever I am home brings. So yeah really busy.

then there is reason number 2.

I think I am gearing up for a mid life crisis. Questioning the meaning of my job and my life. I mean I am good for a bunch of that at the best of times but this is constant. I am really hoping that the trip to Japan proves that a change is as good as a rest. I won't bore you with the details. In any case way too much thinking is happening after 8:00 at night these days. It might just be that with so much in flux in my life I am re-evaluating. The conclusion I have come to recently is that you cannot know what your life is supposed to mean. However, if you eliminate the things you feel you shouldn't be doing then maybe what is left, in a Sherlock Holmesian manner, is what you are meant to do and you shouldn't question it too much. That is where I am at tonight.

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Rachel Catriona said...

Another great video. I love these snippets. Even just 34 seconds gives me a nice boost.

Mid-life crisis: don't let your inner dialogue consume you. Talk it out. Keep trying me by phone. I will answer someday soon.