Monday, January 18, 2010


So it was tacos and pasta this evening. Simple sustenance for the savage soul. The tacos were powered down but unfortunately the pasta was not a hit. Not enough flavour, or too much of the wrong flavour lead to an unsavoury savour and landed the noodles in disfavour. I ate mine. It was a skating afternoon and the daughter had a breakthrough day. She didn't master a triple toe loop or anything like that. What she did do was work really hard practicing all the moves for the whole practice. When she came home there was a bout of tears, some complaining that she was hungry right now and various other post practice hystrionics that people in this family know only two well. After we got some sugar in her and had settled down to dinner she noticed that her thigh muscles were really sore. I think we have a right of passage here. The first time you practice so hard that you are sore later that day. I am getting misty just writing about it. The cool thing is that she really is improving. You can see it coming in leaps and bounds, or leaps and spins, it is figure skating after all. Well that is Monday in the books. Yes!

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