Monday, January 4, 2010

Falling over ourselves for pasta.

It was pasta with lentils in a tomato sauce this evening. There was also chicken and assorted veggies in the sauce too. It was quite tasty. The salad was spinach, red cabbage, and romaine lettuce. I had mine with the vinegar, oil and onion dressing. The garlic bread was a baguette sliced lengthwise and toasted with fresh garlic rubbed over it with some butter. Pretty darn good.Most of the family looked like this eating their dinner. The son put away a tonne of garlic bread. He had to be coaxed into eating the pasta but in the end he finished his bowl. The baby ate most of his food but he got a fairly hot mouthful to start with so he was a little leery. The daughter was over here on the chair.She took a great whack to the back of her noggin at the end of skating practice. She has a nice sized egg and a pretty good headache. Brings it all back. She also gave up an interesting tidbit. One of her friends talked her out of one of her Christmas gifts. There was some pretty heavy social politics involved. I made her make the phone call after dinner and her friend is apparently bringing it to school tomorrow. Notch that up to another life lesson. Hopefully we are slowly building the strength of character necessary to make it through life. Time will tell.

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