Sunday, November 1, 2009

The After Math.

This is what is meant by counting all the different types of Candies you received on Halloween. I remember doing this religiously as a kid. Four Kit Kats, 3 Wunderbars, 2 Bags of Chips, 7 Lollipops. My kids are not there yet. They are just buried under these massive piles of candy.Currently, they are trying to decide which two candies they are going to have today. This is the rule in our house. I may have commented on it before. A child is allowed two candies a day until the end of time. Or till their dad surreptitiously eats half of it over the course of three late nights and one Sunday when the kids go to the park for an hour. Seriously though we will be regifting some at christmas. I am coming around to this new Halloween rule. The "Gorge yourself for four days and then throw any leftovers out" rule (I don't think we ever actually followed this rule to be clear) somehow seems very Scottish to me. If you are going to do something bad do it to the max so that you feel horrible for having done it and repent. Seriously a crazy haul. I can't imagine what their friends who had pillow cases, a driver and a mission hauled in. When we saw them the cases were half full and the kids weren't flagging. We on the other hand were already done.

Turns out he will crawl for candy.


Dora said...

Love the video!

sleep(y) student said...

Why can't I watch the video:(((