Saturday, October 31, 2009

Its alive.

So yeah there is lots to talk about costumes and dinner to start with. But the real news is that the littlest is crawling. I was standing in the kitchen doing dishes (an amazing feat in itself) when I notice that the little dude is definitely closer than he was a moment ago. And then there he goes. Right for the little waste paper basket. So yeah its everything off the floor time. That is until he develops enough understanding to be able to determine what he is allowed to do. I figure we have about 17 years give or take. Unfortunately, no crawling video. He won't perform on demand.

As for dinner and costumes it was a pretty good night in that department too. I made pizza for the first time in a while. Home grown tomatoes and garlic in the sauce. It was a little runny but full of that home grown love. 1 to 2 cups of whole wheat to white and the crust was still delish. The kids topped their own individual pizzas. Then they had to share because one came out first. Hey were are not set up for quantity here. Ours was a gypsy salami, orange pepper, mushroom and red onion affair. Very pleased with the over all effect.

Speaking of effects we had a vampire and a zebra roll out of here at about 5:30. Here they are with some buddies who they ended up trick or treating with. I have to say, walking along with the other parents and having the kids run around with their friends definitely increases their staying power. Note to self. If they ever go trick or treating again get more organized about working the friend phone tree.

Feels kind of nice to sit down and blog. Really haven't had much of a moment recently to just sit and catch the breath. Not that I don't have a tonne of stuff to be doing right now. Gonna be another hell raiser of a week and I have yet to start on the stack of stuff I brought home. But it has been a good weekend. Played with kids, raked leaves, gave the lawn a last mow, put away all the yard stuff, gassed up the car, went to the library, fixed the gutters. Yep feeling like a hero and its only Saturday night.

Speaking of Saturday night we just watched How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. That Simon Pegg turns up in the strangest of places. I rather enjoyed it. I was looking for a Romantic comedy to watch with the Mrs and it definitely fit the bill. However, not quite enough of a movie to actually have a conversation about afterwards. Just a nice evening together with the littlest on the couch between us.

17 years or there abouts. That should about get us there.

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Dora said...

The kids are crazy cute! Crawlers, zebras and vampires. Can't wait to see Kaz crawling in person.