Friday, September 25, 2009

Slow day yet somewhat fast.

So today was a bit of a slow day. When it comes right down to it all I really did was clean off my desk. Now that was a major piece of filing. All the bills and bank statements that accumulate under my left hand have to be put away regularly. Unfortunately some of them were dated last December. Once the pile starts it is hard to get under control. But anyways we are back in business now. And really I did also do some run training(the fast part of today, although that is really relative), helped with lunch, found a new movie for the kids and made pizza. I do still plan to get some marking done before sack time so it might still work out. This evenings meal was pretty good in a number of senses. The whole wheat infused crust continues to improve. Though it still doesn't hold sauce that well. I really need to dress the pizza's once the crust is in the oven. So that is what I did. Two kids and two grown ups. We had two different types of salami for the grown ups tonight. The garlic salami went with the last of the feta cheese (pictured at top) and the hot hungarian went with the jalapeno's (not shown here). Kids had the usual without fresh basil as the cold nights have started to make an impression on the leafy garden fare. Big plans to harvest the last of it and turn the garden over for the fall. Hopefully it happens tomorrow as we are coming into a big stretch of busy weekends. The days grow short.Look at those excited faces. Has it really been that long since I have made pizza.

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