Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Night Garden

So this is how the garden looked after I had taken all of the produce out(except the carrots). It was still on its various bushes and vines and the Mrs. took it all apart and it is now inside.
This is what the pile o' produce looked like. Without the bushy parts is was quite a lot less however it is still a pretty good end of the season hall.
And here are the carrots. I plan to leave them in the ground and just pick them as we need them. That way they can keep growing into the fall and I don't have to worry about them getting soft in storage.After taking all the different implements, fencing and edging out, I did a whole bunch of weeding and the garden now looks like this. Ahh, fall is definitely here.
We had shake and bake chicken, yam fries, cream soda, and ketchup chips for dinner. It was all eaten in stages so there is no photographic record.

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