Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Zaaaa

Well, it was pizza night again at Chez Us and we even invited some friends over to share in our good fortune. The pizza was pretty good but the last three pizzas had an interesting flaw. After letting the dough rise while making the first to I think the dough became to porous. Each of the last three pizzas stuck to the peal and wouldn't slide gently into the oven. The first of these was a complete mess as it was totally dressed on the peal. The other two I didn't dress until they were in the oven yet they still suffered from sauce seapage. When I was making the dough I added a cup of whole wheat where I would have normally used all purpose. I didn't add any extra water and the dough was tough to kneed. However, it seemed fine after rising. I am going to try the rolling pin next time right before dressing to see if this closes up any gaping pores. It was a hot day and I left the yeast in the warm water for quite a while as I was also prepping the toppings. So lots of variables could have brought this. I was quite disappointed with my pizza transfer however the actual pizza was pretty good.The Mrs weighed in with some Japanese curry and a spinach salad with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing. The friends brought home made brownies and ice cream. Mmm mmm good. I am filling rather rotund and in need of some coma time. Manyana.

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