Saturday, August 29, 2009

Return of the Clan.

So we managed to make it back home today. It was a long seven or eight days but it was packed with fun. Here we go.

First lets flesh out our time at the PNE. Here are some shots of kids on rides.

I know you can't see it but we are watching the super dogs here. I think its a pretty good self portrait.The animal hits just kept on rolling with the petting zoo and the 4H exhibition. It was dusty but fun and the kids touched everything. The different armed forces were available for meeting and the kids spent some time in a LAV. We also managed to see the RCMP musical ride. Pictured here is one of the lead riders and her horse. Here is the kids trying to steal a fighter plane. The guy in the jumpsuit was onto them and didn't let them even close the hatch. Some shots were fired but no one was hurt. We did have other fun in the sunny lower mainland. Here we are picnicing down by the beach near our hotel. So nice to hang with family and just enjoy some summer.Then today, we arrived home and all plans to quickly unpack the car and organize stuff fell quickly by the way side and we hit the garden. Everything was great and the zuchinni was, as expected, huge. I am a little disappointed with our tomato harvest this year. Not that we don't have good tomatoes but the plants just aren't bearing the quantity that I yearn for. Other than the yellow cherry tomatoes everything else is moving very slowly. Ahh the joys of gardening. All in all a good way to wind down the summer. We can now start working steam up to kick off the start of the school year.

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