Monday, August 24, 2009

The Fair

Well this is just a quick taster. Lots to do today. However, yesterday we spent the day at the PNE. It was great fun and taking your own kids really seemed to show me what a day at the Fair is really all about. It was so much fun to see them having so much fun.
Between visiting with the barn yard animals and going on the rides there was barely time to worry about $20 parking and $8 french fries. It was fun the whole time as was demonstrated by the son on the kids roller coaster.


sleep(y) student said...

The best you could do is a video and a pic..... and you call yourself a MAC guy! What is that all about???

sleep(y) student said...

On second thought I haven't posted to my blog in months so please ignore the previous post. The snaps are lovely!