Friday, July 3, 2009

Meh, Curry.

Well I didn't exactly rip it up this evening. I tried to overcompensate for a lack of chicken stock and low and behold there was too much cumin and vinegar in my curry. The mango I added didn't have any effect. Really I need to stay with apples. Pureed apple adds both a sweet and a tangy element. That and some boullion cubes definitely kick up the chick pea vegetarian curry to that next level. I mean I could have added ketchup or some pureed tomatoes. Anyways, this curry is still a work in progress. I would say I get it right about one in four times.

Next up is my son being mercilessly dressed up by his sister. Yes the schedule is still running so in the afternoon when they don't get to watch tv this is what they get up too.
Birthday madness tomorrow. Looking for a little strength here.

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