Saturday, July 4, 2009

Having our Cake, Mateys.

Weird I feel like I have used that title before. Today's birthday gang. Thank goodness it was 36 degrees so everyone could enjoy the water slide.The whole family pulled together and we managed to have a pirate birthday party today. And when having a pirate birthday party one must always have a treasure chest full of booty. (no not that kind of booty)
With great cake comes great responsibility. The responsibility to light the candles in a strong breeze. This was almost accomplished at the moment the daughter gave a mighty blow and so we can all rest easy knowing that a proper cake ceremony was completed.

Not in chronological order but there was lots of water sliding and trampolining. The occasional stampede back and forth caused an occasional set of tears but overall everyone seemed to have a good time.We finished off with a present opening and then everyone left with a loot bag. The loot bags were numbered to match up with some buried treasure cards that were buried in the garden under x's and had to be dug up by the guests. I think this may have been a highlight.Okay, now summer can begin.

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sleep(y) student said...

Was it a duel birthday party?