Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well we did eat some stuff for dinner. And some of it was really well made, home cooked goodness. I arrived home after work to a rising bubble of dough and some high aspirations. They were fulfilled with these amazing chocolate and cheese, garlic, dill buns.Unfortunately I brought absolutely nothing to the mix this evening. I guess that isn't techincally correct. I did pick up some chicken and pop. In my defense the pop was for making homemade slurpees which went over pretty well. However, I cannot defend the chicken. I just didn't have it and neither did the Mrs. That is after she baked really cool buns with the daughter.After dinner my son gave me the wink and we headed down stairs to split six Guinness. Isn't that what this picture seems to imply.

What you cannot see are the carpet bowling balls that get toted around in the old Guinness six pack holder. We are actually heading down stairs to do some carpet bowling. The daughter played too and we all won a round or two so everyone left happy. Good times.

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Dora said...

Love it! Kids look super cute.