Saturday, June 27, 2009

Be our Guest

Well it is appropriate because there was much disney song singing tonight. And we had guests. I covered all my bases there.
My sister, brother-in-law, and a couple(pictured with daughter above) they golf and play with started a week long golf and vacation odyssey here in the GF today. After arriving late last night they woke to a very healthy and unphotographed breakfast. Then they were off to the course. We stayed home with the kids and made some pizza dough. In the afternoon we all met up at the lake and did some swimming and sand castle building. Then it was back home for pizza.
I made six pies tonight and currently there is not a slice to be found. On the grown up pizza we had both hot sausage and pepper salami. Good good stuff. The Mrs. whipped up some bean dip/salsa which was also consumed in no short order. There were also apparently veggies and humus and everyone seemed to enjoy the healthy snacks too. The guests were quite effusive about the whole affair but they were guests so it is hard to judge. I thought my dough wasn't as crisp as it could have been but the toppings seemed to get things done. Also the guests hadn't really eaten lunch so I could have served them cardboard topped with ketchup and they would have devoured it.
After some beers and conversation everyone is now safely planted in their respective bed. They are off tomorrow so it will be back to things as usual.

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Allison said...

the dinner was superb. your crust is now spectacular. i think you need to post the bean salsa recipe on the blog for everyone to enjoy. you are great hosts.

and yes, singing disny songs with kiyomi is very very fun.