Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Need more planning.

With no real plans for spring break we are sort of at a loss these days. With the snow still everywhere, but melting, we can't really play at the park. It is still cold enough outside that we can't ride bikes until late afternoon. And with the new kidlet we are not really in road trip mode. So quality time at home it will be.Today was finger painting. We actually finished off the roll of paper with our painting today. I was just starting to think we would never finish it off and then boom end of the roll. Now we need whoever gave us that gift to tell us where we can get a new one.
Gotta love getting out the smocks. Of course the boy drew on his face in pen today. Then he had the red marker out and covered his hands. He definitely needs some more structured play and less time on the computer. Speaking of smocks I need to get myself a good apron. I think I will just get one of those white waist ones. No bib front for this big boy. It will help me make things like this.

After whipping up this pot of Turkey a la king the wife and I got to chatting about what kinds of dinners my mom used to make. I was trying to come up with a list of classics and here is what I got.
1. Spaghetti Bolognese
2. Chicken a la king
3. Stir fry.
4. Shepherds Pie.
5. Lasagna.
6. Meat Pie.
7. Quiche
8. Curry
9. Roasted chicken with veggies.

If I reach back these seem to be the perennials. Funnily enough these (with the notable addition of pizza) are the dishes that I now make.

Am I missing anything?


Allison said...

roast beef dinner
cauliflower with parsley cream sauce

sleep(y) student said...

Fish pie with peas and parsley in white sauce with mash potato top

Fall Garlic said...

Mom is just telling me about a ground beef, cabbage and rice dish she used to make. It doesn't have a name but I remember it being good too. She also reminded me of the breaded fish she used to make in the frying pan. Mmmm good.