Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finger feast.

Well we started making a new movie today. Its got a princess, a witch, a dragon and a parrot. If you want to know where it is on YouTube then drop me a comment and I will send you the URL once I have it edited and posted. Now on with dinner. Originally it was supposed to be a pork stir fry night but I never took out the pork this morning to thaw so at 4:30 as I was supposed to start making dinner it was still a solid block of ice. The wife had tried to save my butt and took it out around lunch time but it was too late. So instead we took out some chicken nuggets and the leftover french fries from the perogie night and that was dinner. That and the wicked awesome spinach dip the wife made. Now knowing the wife there was no cream cheese or sour cream in this bad boy. Instead there was tofu and homemade yogurt. But it still rocked. Not your classic spinach dip but it was still awesome with both nacho chips and raw veggies. I say next time add a little cream cheese and send it over the top. But it was still delish. So with some not hot salsa, this was a total finger food night. The wife mentioned as she looked over the dearth of dishes, "we didn't use a single fork." Nice.

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Allison said...

Do you really enjoy that weekly rant blog? seriously?