Friday, January 23, 2009

Olive this work

Well it wasn't really work. We were going to make dinner anyways. We just made two dinners and had friends over to partake. Good times. I just keep forgetting the olives.

The wife and I had a sort of cook-off for our guests. She put together a beautiful assortment of ingredients for te-maki sushi. The shrimp and teriyaki salmon were big hits. People were rolling them up like they were going out of style. I think the guests even had some. I unfortunately was so focused on my pizza's that I didn't have any sushi. Fortunately, it is booked for a return engagement tomorrow as lunch on the road. Perfect.

As for the pizza's I kind of mismanaged this evenings quantities. I made only one true kids pizza, half cheese half ham and cheese. After that I made a cheeseburger pizza, probably too much onion for the little'uns. Cheeseburger is on the left, cheese/ham and cheese is on the right. Next up was a mushroom, olive, red pepper, onion pizza with a few slices of pepper salami on top. The last pizza had all of the left over ingredients, minus the olives (I am an idiot) piled high. I stuffed my face as usual (lack of pictures of these pizzas was do to face stuff and conversation) and if you tack on the bzzrs I had then I definitely over served myself this evening. But it was good.

We skipped dessert and the kids ran around the house playing various games and trying to play with various toys. Santa's Spiderman car thing is dead. The timer is busted and the batteries don't have the juice to get the car up and over the ramp. Do I try and take it apart and fix it. It doesn't look good but time will tell. Bath time, brush teeth, book time bed time. Gotta have a routine.

Oh yeah, it seemed like people thought the sushi won but they were probably just being nice because the wife is preggers. I mean my pizza kicked butt. But I will try to take my loss in stride. Next time I sabotage the rice cooker.

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