Friday, December 12, 2008

The Winter Wonder

So the rest of the family has summer birthdays. We play outside, have a waterslide, drink beer in the sunshine. That is how a summer birthday is celebrated. However, the mom in our family has a winter birthday. Short days, cold nights, snow on the ground, this is the time of year she flips over a new page on her life's calendar. Today was the day and we decided to make her a cake and dinner. Well actually the wife made the cake yesterday. She wanted to try making a sponge cake, apparently it is just flour, eggs and sugar. I thought it turned out very well. The kids and I were tasked with decorations but we could do anything we want. Anything that is as long as we put cream and the frozen fruit that was put out to thaw, in a middle layer. And we weren't supposed to ice it. All the instructions didn't matter as we had a great time covering it with whipped cream and trying out the different icing nozzles with the blue coloured whipped cream. It was really quite delicious but it wasn't so sweet that one was limited to having two slices. The rest of dinner was veggies and dip with some home made french fries. Slow day.

In other news I had a filling taken out and replaced this morning. My mouth is still a little sore. I have no love for the dentist at this moment but overall we are really happy with the service we get here. The kids played outside in the six or seven inches of snow that fell today. Between getting dressed to go outside and getting undressed upon coming back in we must have had over ten clothing changes today. It was a good day. Right now I have to get on rearranging the furniture so we can put up the tree. It is beginning to look a lot like christmas.

This is my son's fighter pose. He had been doing a lot of punching lately and I really feel like I need to go a few rounds with him to teach him a lesson. He better watch his back.

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