Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Well it was a busy evening. To start with we had a lovely stew that was cooked on the wood burning stove this morning. Big chunks of meat and potatoes, real stick to your ribs goodness. The accompaniment was some of our home made bread slathered with garlic butter (crushed garlic in butter) and then baked in the oven. It wasn't huge but the kids were too excited do to the approaching commotion so they didn't eat much anyways. The son has come down with a bit of a cold but that didn't stop us. It was concert night.

When the son and I finally made our way into the stands we were fortunate enough to find the wife with some seats saved for us. Right in the middle of the stands 3/4 of the way up perfect. Except that the daughter was situated right behind the glitter ball. No line of sight when she was standing up singing. C'est la vie. She had her moment on the floor which is caught here for eternity.

The son enjoyed being crashed out on between mom and dad and even took this wicked shot of the sprinkler directly overhead. I am telling you he may be a genius.

Sorry this didn't get up last night. The video and pics just wouldn't upload.

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