Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My blog runneth over.

Well it was a busy day here on the 23rd of December. Things are in full swing holiday wise and here is a quick recap. We started the day with mom heading off for the christmas sweet sale day at the bakery. We were meant to arrive there around 11:00 but got a telephone call just before leaving to say that we should arrive after lunch. So it was outside for a skate and then back in for a lunch of cup ramen, leftover pasta and sauce, re heated cold hot chocolate and jello. After lunch we bundled up and headed off for the bakery. Mom was there in full regalia doing her baking thing. In this picture you can actually see her making the An-pan. It is good. We could be living in Japan right now for all I know. Anyways the kids got to make some bread and decorate and eat a cupcake with the other little tykes. It was a good time and after we left the bakery we walked back home and didn't quite make it inside. I chopped some wood to get us ready for the next couple of days and the kids played on the home made tobogan run. It is just the pile of snow that we make every year with our neighbours while clearing our respective driveways. But it always seems to shoot nicely down into our driveway.

I make the stairs up the neighbours side so that the run doesn't get ruined. The kids pretty much massacre the stairs anyways and the neighbours always fill it up with the new snow fall. It is a round about procedure which keeps everyone in shape. Post sliding we came back inside and sat down for some more movie watching. While the daughter rewatched the first Harry Potter, the son and I whipped up some Pizza dough. However, just before this mom came home and then went out shopping for all the christmas fixings. I believe she even got some roast beast. Anyways, two hours later and we were almost ready to sit down to eat. Then this happened.

Spontaneous christmas music dance party. I think it had to do with the fact that I had actually done some house work and the place looked really good when mom got home but I can't be sure. In any event the dancing was followed by some good old pizza eating.Apparently my pizza is so good it makes you want to stand up. How else do you explain his inability to sit down and eat it.Dinner was followed by Harry Potter number 2. A little scary but everyone is asleep now so it couldn't have been that bad. Should a three year old really be allowed to watch this stuff. Someone should talk to his parents. hee hee hee.

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Allison said...

I love these pics and vids. Missing you all. That slide looks great.