Monday, December 22, 2008

The Family Bed

So in our preparations to have guests come for christmas we have all moved into our room. Whether the guests arrive or not we cannot control. The daughter asked if we would move everything back if no one came. Or course not we said. Its christmas. So we are sleeping four abreast on a single and a queen size set side by side. Its kind of nice. Reminds me of the old futon days back in Niigata where we pulled the two futons up beside each other and made one big bed. I am wondering if it will fit five across. Time will tell.

In other news we went tobogganing today. If I ever needed one, today was a clear indication of how much the kids have grown. The daughter was willing to go all day and never asked for sled carrying or a lift up the hill. She was content to ride partners with other kids who were there or to go solo. She managed to try everyone elses tobogan as well. The son actually walked up most trips and didn't freak out too bad when I gave him a major face shot by putting down my boot to early. He also slid by himself, almost unthinkable last year. The best part had to be improving the jump another parent and her daughters had made. Everyone was getting air time by the time we left but with the lovely natural transition it was a perfect landing. I was in charge of dinner but with the kids filling the shopping basket it was really dads choice. We had corn on the cob, outrageously expensive at $4 for for weakass cobs. Then the daughter chose the pasta shells that look like little sea shells. After that is was cocktail sausages grilled and an onion, mushroom and tomato sauce made with the luxury of fresh garlic as I didn't have the foresight to buy any, even though I had commented the day that I was using up the last of the garlic. A wife would have caught that one. No dinner pictures as it was eaten in waves and by the time I got to sit down I was too hungry to remember to take a pic. The daughter has us at three days to christmas today. In the last two days we have been as low as one day to go. I keep telling her it is a fence post problem but even my grade 9's don't get those. Have a good one, tomorrow looks like its gonna be great.

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