Monday, November 10, 2008


Well I forgot some things we did this weekend. Our first day at the coast after shopping we went swimming at a wicked awesome pool in Richmond. It is called watermania and has a really cool wave pool even if the life guards are a little over the top and forced me to stay within an arms length of both kids. Come on, were about to have a third. If we lose one at this point were covered. It was a good time and made a great start to the trip.

The other things we did, WE didn't really do,THEY did. While I was in meetings listening to intense debate, fiery speeches and meaningless haggling over the wording of policy statements, the kids and wife were at a rec-centre in Richmond enjoying play group. Apparently the daughter was the oldest one there but she is equally comfortable with older of younger kids so she had a good time. As for the son, riding around on a firetruck tricycle inside. Need I say more.

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