Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well the leaves are falling, the temperatures are falling and my weight is going up. I thought this was supposed to be fall. In any case, we made it home early this afternoon and spent some time raking and blowing the leaves in our front yard into a big pile. The daughter pretended she was a bird and I was an eagle trying to raid her nest. I never managed to get any eggs but did manage to jump into the pile a couple of times. That is good fun. Thanks Chicago family once again for the excellent tools we acquired in your cross country trek. Every time I use a pot or drill, leaf blower or deep freezer I think, "man I am gonna have to pay up some day." You guys are too good to us.

Post leaf fun and games we came in for a fabulous dinner. The wife had whipped up a vegetarian burrito type dish. The big bowl of lentils was cooked up and resembled a curry or perhaps re fried beans. The lentils were cooked with onions, mushrooms and sliced tomatoes. Then they were wrapped up with some of our home made salsa, a little feta cheese and some of the green salad. Over the top wow. And vegetarian. This was all accompanied by pasta salad and green salad. I managed to suck back a Corona before dinner and it was also just perfect. As I sit and type I look over at the bowl (now empty) of fudgesicle chocolate ice cream I just ate. If I didn't have to go back to work right now I would seriously be the picture of contentment. Unfortunately it isn't meant to be. Tomorrow is another day and if it is going to go anywhere near as well as today went, which was pretty well, I need to get my prep on. Fingers crossed I can get home and do some yoga before bed time.


ps. The batteries were low after taking the video so it wouldn't take a pic of dinner. I did try and it did look scrumptious. Maybe tomorrow.

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