Sunday, August 24, 2008

True Vacation

Well today was one of the last true vacation days of this summer. We rode bikes, flew a kite, played trains, read books and generally had a slow day around the old homestead. There were no afternoon naps and the kids were in bed before 8:00. Hey, has anyone else noticed all the back to school stuff being advertised and on sale in local shops. It is really kind of a revolting feeling when you are rudely awakened to the fact that summer has come and gone. However, the garden still provides us some summer inspiration. Tonights curry for example, was made with tomatoes, peppers, garlic and beans from our garden. The salad used our tomatoes and my gardening buddies Armenian cucumbers. The rice was once again cooked to perfection in our new fangled rice cooker. It is whole grain rice which makes it both better for you and harder to cook well. Our rice cooker was bought for this specific purpose and it does the job. As of Sunday morning we are working on a plan for this the last day before I have to go back to work. It is slightly overcast so I think going to the lake is out. I need a razor but I don't think buying that will take all day. Well, we will figure something out. Have a nice Sunday.

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