Sunday, August 24, 2008

Artistic Genius

So I know he is only three but I can't believe the picture my son took today. I mean the composition, the light dark contrast. The way the computer and my daughter are framed. I mean it is a beautiful picture. Maybe he just got lucky but I doubt it.

As for dinner we all got lucky. I started off totally lacking in drive and enthusiasm but as the cooking proceeded it all just seemed to click together. To start with I made two types of cooked salsa. A kids salsa which was pretty much a spaghetti sauce and a spicier version for the parents. It was only a small batch and I used a whole apple so it was quite sweet. However, it worked. The apple was a drop from the back yard. Once you cut out the parts that the bugs chewed through to get at the seeds the rest is great. The wife made her creamy garlic salad and cut up some of the egg plant we received from my garden guru. These were grilled on the bbq along with some of our tomatoes and some pork steaks. I just finished reading Fast Food Nation and am thoroughly terrified of the meat that they sell in stores. The whole thing with maple leaf killing people with listeria was exactly what the Eric Schlosser was talking about in his book. It just makes one want to go back to the earth. And its all about money, I mean really there is more to life. Enough ranting, I over cooked the pork and still had to microwave it when we cut in and found a little pink. It was delicious and I turned off that part of my brain while eating dinner. We may end up being vegetarians yet. Back to work tomorrow. Its been a good run. Manyana.

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Rachel Catriona said...

Great photo. Kid's got talent.