Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ready in 5 Minutes

Well we made dinner at home last night and it was great to have the home cooking. The roast is one of those pre cooked jobs that takes 10 minutes in the microwave. Too much salt but the meat is really cooked to perfection. The soup was Miso soup so we had a nice change of pace from the fare in Japan. A little bit of bean sprout stir fry mixed things up nicely. I enjoyed the rice which was cooked in our new rice cooker. We lugged this baby all the way back from Japan and I hope it was worth it. The stewed pumpkin was great and I enjoyed the salad. The wife bought baby arugula and it turned out to taste really bitter to her. The kids jumped right on that band wagon and I was the lucky recipient of most of the salad. The real feature of the salad was the homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers.

The garden has done well considering it suffers from four weeks of neglect. My bell peppers have not done much of anything. The hot peppers are hit and miss and the tomatoes are all producing well. The Toms we have eaten so far are really sweet as we haven't been gobbling them up as soon as they were barely ripe. Cucumbers are growing and we have maybe ten squash sizing up. The morning glory has taken over everywhere it could and will take some major work to get back under control. However, all in all I am glad with how the garden has managed under less than ideal conditions. Already looking forward to next year.

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