Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Friends for Dinner

After running 7 k I was sure hungry. Te-maki is the perfect meal at a time like that. You get to choose the toppings, you get to choose how much rice, and you get to choose how many rolls you eat. Upon arriving home I had to rather sheepishly admit to my wife that I had also invited my two running buddies. With a natural aplomb bordering on saintly she set two more places. Now in my defense one of them lives with us and he had offered to make dinner for the other one. However, we shared a grand communal feast and even had a choice beverage imported all the way from Brazil. It was a good Te-maki (hand roll) night as there was the fake crab on offer. With the avocado it sure is good. We also had green salad courtesy of us. With all the rain we have been getting I haven't even had to water. Its a matter of going outside and helping myself. Also with the living mulch effect I barely have to weed. It is great. This weekend the beans, cucumbers and squash are all going to put in and the garden will finally be ready for some serious love and attention. Fingers crossed for transplanting the cukes and squash. They are not known for loving the transplant action but with the weed matting down it is this or nothing. We will have to wait and see.

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