Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Baked Pumpkin

Sometimes watching a little TV makes all the difference. Today while I was away the family was watching some Japanese television that we have on tape. During one show they had a cooking segment where they baked a kabocha (butternut squash perhaps) with a ground beef stuffing. So this is what you are looking at. It was quite good. I think this is the last of the squash we grew last year. The wife had been keeping it in the freezer. It was sweet and savoury all at the same time. Served with coleslaw and rice it sure hit the spot. Interestingly my daughter couldn't stop eating the rice and ground beef and my son wouldn't stop eating the coleslaw.


Rachel Catriona said...

This looks really cool. I didn't know you could freeze whole produce that long. Awesome.

Dora said...

is this not so strange. all 6 kids blogging. who would have thought the whole fam damily would be into it.
the squash looks cool.