Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday June 6th

Double the trouble when two curries are in the house. This first curry was a shrimp, broccoli and red pepper affair. I was spiced from scratch using tumeric, coriander (home grown) cumin, garlic, paprica, basil, oregano salt and pepper. The garlic was sauted with onions till the were brown. The the spices were all added with some more olive oil. Once the good smells started coming out I threw in the shrimp and when they had that nice cooked look on both sides I took everything out. I then stirfried the veggies and when they started to steam I put the shrimp back in, added some yogurt, brought to a boil and then let sit. Meanwhile, kids and dad went to swimming. Upon arriving back home the little ones tucked right in and I got started on the second curry. The first curry was not hot at all, I mean it had great flavour but since it was meant for the little guys I didn't put any heat in. The second curry I made for the after hours crowd. I started with yam. Cubed and microwaved with a little bit of water in the bottom of the bowl. Then left to stand for about five minutes. Fresh ginger was the heart of the heat, lots of it sliced and then minced, but not too small. My curry base was a pre-packaged indonesian curry paste. This was fried in really hot olive oil until it started to sizzle and then the garlic and onions once again. Ginger rolled in just after the onions and garlic. Soon after that came the mushrooms. The green beans came in for a little fry just before adding a small can of coconut milk. I was feeling pretty satisfied, when suddenly I realised I had forgotten about the yams. The were steamed to perfection and I poured them, and the steaming water, into the pot. The over all effect was great. Nice thick consistency from the yams which also brought up the sweetness. The ginger and curry paste together added all the heat we could ask for. A very good evening.

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