Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Garden Grows

After a marathon session of shopping which included fishing rods, oil filters, birthday presents and a new swimsuit for mom (Wow! that works) we finally made it to the mexican place. Good food, the pork burrito and beef taco were much more flavourful that the chicken enchilada and we will definitely be back. As we are driving back home my daughter says, "we didn't take a picture of the dinner" Doh! Too many things in my head and not enough organization.

On the garden front here are some picks from this morning. The big plants in the garden are the garlic I planted last fall. They are going gang busters. The squares with the small plants are green and red lettuce, spinach, daikon, carrots and cilantro. Most of the bigger plants were volunteers from last year. I let everything mentioned except carrots and swiss chard go to see last year. Now the dividends are being paid. One more reason not to till the soil every year. The blossoms are the apple tree and what you can't really make out in the back ground are the cherry blossoms. Very late for both. It has been a weird weird spring. In the green house the individual pots hold peppers and tomatoes. The big pots are actually flowers. I am trying to branch out. I will try for more pictures in two weeks when everything is getting ready to go in the garden.

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Dora said...

I feel like you are following behind friend. No post since the 10th? Really?