Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thursday: The return of Cabbage.

So with the end of the coleslaw you may have been thankfully saying good by to the purple cabbage. And yet what is this before your eyes but more of the intensely coloured vegetable. My crafty wife used the rest of the head in a veggie stir fry. Quite delicious and oh so healthy. We also scored some cold tofu salad type thing, just a sec.... "hi ya yakko". Food for the daring. However, a perfect of example of give me a child and I will make you a zealot. I am always amazed by the power of suggestion that parents have over their children. Through constant repetition my wife has convinced my children that they love food which I consider marginal fare at best. So there you go. Your weird eating habits can be blamed on the whims of your mother. Oh yeah chicken soup is back again. The beans and pot barley are so much softer 24 hours later. Definitely need to do some pre-soaking for best first day results.

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