Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pizza for 3

In Japan the saying "mikka bozu" describes someone who starts something with vigor and then quickly gives up. The cut off is three days, mikka meaning 3 days and bozu meaning something like bozo [not an official translation]. So today was day three and we are still going strong. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Lunch was not the most inspired affair. Mommy is sick and the kids all wanted different left overs. Still working on that coleslaw for those of you keeping track.

For dinner we did make chicken soup and pizza. Kind of timely making chicken vegetable soup for the sick among us. The pizza worked well too but I am not completely sold on mozzarella cheese. We are big cheddar people and I definitely prefer it topping my pizza. I managed to burn the last one while messing around on the computer. Lots of leftovers because only three of us were eating. Breakfast should be good.

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