Friday, August 17, 2012


So as the summer winds down it seems like things speed up.  We have been pretty busy over the last week and a bit and from here on out things get even crazier.  But lets recap.  To start with we had our Friend Tomoka over for dinner.  She and the Mrs. mixed it up with the karaoke set we brought back from Japan. Apparently there are plans for a rematch.

A few days after that we got up real early in the morning and went for a day of boat camping with some friends.  They set up at one of the water entry camp sites on Christina Lake every summer for an extended camp trip.  We went out and joined them for the day.
 We brought the fishing rods and caught a whole bunch of fish.  We also went tubing and tried out wake boarding.  The daughter got up for about 100m and I managed to drag my body out of the water for a short but memorable stint.  It  was definitely challenging.  We need to plan to get back there in the future as camping on the edge of the lake was truly heaven.  Maybe next year.
The reason we didn't stay over night is that we had friends arriving the next day.  Blair and Kat spent the weekend here and we went tubing twice.  It was great.  As Blair said, "Why haven't you been doing this everyday for the last eight years?" I had no reasonable reply.  Tubing is awesome.  Unfortunately I am still waiting on pictures because our guests had the waterproof indestructible camera.  When I see them then you will get a chance too.

Next up was the Piranha's end of year Barbecue.  It was held at Christina Lake at one of the team members houses.  Holy Beautiful.  It was a great time and the kids played and played and played.

 And then  ate and ate and ate.
 And then they had the awards ceremony. It seems like everyone got something.  The older boy got a prize for being a speedy novice.
 The oldest got was a joint winner of the Forks award.  For the swimmers who embody the blah blah blah... she gets her name on the plaque.  We were very proud.
 Finally I finished the book shelf downstairs.  I finished it two days ago but the Mrs. took one look and gave me the disappointed face.  I had not made what she was envisioning.  This was during the great computer virus struggle of 2012.  Never the less I took it mostly apart.  Made some pieces smaller, added other pieces, moved some pieces around.  And this is what we ended up with.  The Mrs. at least gave me the appearance of being pleased.  Which is all I can ask for.
Yes, summer keeps rolling along.  Hope you are all lovin it.

Peace out.

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