Thursday, March 3, 2011

Recent Tidings.

So this is a bit of a round up post.  In my rush to get out my last post I managed to miss the fact that we had a lovely day at the park on Saturday.  Kenko no Mori is really our go to park for having a good family time.  I would say it was the equivalent of the Stanley Park of my youth.  There is no aquarium or zoo but for a nice weather Saturday when you want to be outside with the family it is hard to beat.

We actually got out of the house by ten, which is rare for us.  When we got to the park we started with some grass sledding.  Unfortunately, the predominant wind was from the volcano and was bringing ash.  This did not slow us down and we kept on sliding.  Next we went to the playground and played in the sand.
 In the background you can see me working with the daughter sifting the sand.  We used the littlest's new sand toys and made a big pile of soft, sifted sand.  We actually filled up the day-glo green grass sled.

Next up we went over the the big field for some ball kicking, frisbee throwing and kite flying.  At the far edge of the field are two bronze horse statues.  The requisite pictures were taken.

After leaving the field we went out for lunch.  We stopped at a place whose name eludes me now, but we all managed to get what we were looking for.  I had a big bowl of black pork miso ramen.  The Mrs. had some kind of seaweed soba set.  The two bigger kids had the childrens udon set and the youngest had a mini bowl of udon.  It was a fabulous family day.  I always feel satisfied after we manage to get a good family event in on a weekend.  The question I am always left with is why we don't do it more often.

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