Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can it be True.

Yes, yes I believe it is.  Two posts in two days.  I am actually posting about last nights dinner as I think two posts in one day would have been way over the top considering my recent out put.

So last night we had Yaki Niku.  Basically barbecued meat.  The big Teppan is set up in the middle of the table and then everything is fried up on it.  Whenever a piece comes ready someone picks it up and dips it in their bowl of dipping sauce.  Good times.

I, however, waited out the rush and sat and sipped my whiskey.  It is shochu whiskey but the really good stuff.  We were planning to take the parents on a tour of the factory when they were in town.  The sons best friends dad works there.  I am sure we will make it there someday.  Anyways, back to the whiskey, I sat there sipping while everyone else devoured.  It was very pleasant to stay above the fray.  I also got a bowl ready for this guy.

He had crashed out after a busy day of playing soccer in the park and watching videos inside.  The only problem is that he had done the in betweener crash.  You know, 4:30 ish.  Not going to be down for the night but if he sleeps until 8 then he won't be down again till twelve.  So I tried the gentle wake up.  No success.  He bawled until I got Anpan man up on the computer.  Then he sat in my lap to watch while he ate dinner.  Of course, when I closed up the computer it was back to bawling.  So I took him outside for walk around the neighbourhood.  Quiet again until we got back home and then bawled to keep going on the walk.  He eventually quieted down and I managed to stuff my face in the meanwhile.  We slept as a family for the first time in a long while last night.  It was nice.  Until I woke up sandwiched by the two oldest with the little one having been just barely squeezed out by the boy.  I look longingly over at my wife who slept unmolested on a futon of her own.  Ah the good old days.

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Canadian Expat said...

Sounds soooo good. The link to the mime hugging the whiskey bottle is more than a little creepy though.