Thursday, February 24, 2011

More school stuff.

 So the middle child had a school visitation day today.  The Mrs. did the honours.  Apparently, it had something to do with the doll festival and from the pictures something to do with a group of superheroes/bandits.  Good times.

I stayed home with little miss, "my throat has a tickle and I don't want to go to school", and the super trooper.  It was a beautiful day day and me and the little guy got to the park to play with his new sand box toys. 
He can't wear the knapsack unless the belt is tied around the front.  Stylin in his o sagari mono (hand me downs).  We managed to get some good sand castle building after a nice run around after the soccer ball.  I am telling you this kid has a father with world cup aspirations.  The older boy came running up to the park after we had been there about forty minutes.  He got in on the sand castle building before a little grounders

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