Monday, January 24, 2011

To cut or not to cut.

Wow was that an ordeal.  A little background. 

When the daughter arrived home from school this afternoon the Mrs. was out.  The daughter was terribly excited with the prospect of cutting her hair and having bangs.  So excited in fact that after her math homework this was the topic she chose for her every other day journal entry.  Or course she had it all written out before her mom arrived home. 

Enter the Mrs.  In her defense she is leery of taking any steps that might make school attendance more challenging.  Imagine the "I hate my hair and I am not going to school" scenario.  So the Mrs. raised the prospect of some of these issues before getting down to the business of cutting.  These issues of course had never occured to the daughter so now she is torn.  There is the excitement and anticipation of the new look, along with the fact that she has done the pre-emptive journal entry; counterbalanced with the possibility of being noticed and ridiculed at school.  So half an hour of tears and back and forthing and I had had enough.  I guaranteed her 100% that everyone at school would love her hair and call it cute.  Sure I went out on a limb but I think the guarantee was pretty safe.  Talking to other parents in the class the daughter is kind of idolized.  Apparently there were a bunch of boys at the beginning of the year who were afraid to talk to her because she was so "cute."  And there has yet to be an episode of playing with friends that ended in anything other than a "how soon can we play together again."  So I don't really foresee any problems.  However, I do take my guarantees pretty seriously.  I sure don't look forward to my first back fire.

However, check out the pics.  I wasn't wrong.

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