Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Working Man.

So just a quick one today.  First a little lay out.  The washroom in our place has about 8 feet of hallway leading directly away from it.  This short hallway meets the main hallway of the house in a T.  They main hallway runs down the middle of the house and every room is reached via this main hallway.

This morning as I stepped out of the washroom after my daily ablutions, who should I be met by but the youngest son standing at the junction of the T.  To preface this he was up a lot last night coughing.  He has had the on again off again cold for the last 8 - 10 days.  Last night he threw up a little bit so we brought one of the bathing bowls (Sen Men ki) into our room just in case we had a late night accident.  Anyways, I step out of the bathroom and there is the little man standing in the hallway.  His expression is neutral, kind of blank and he is holding the senmen ki at his side.  His hair is a little tousled and his eyes are a little puffy.  He kind of has that blue collar worker heading off to work in the morning look.  So I say to him in my best morning voice, "Oh High Oh Go Zai Masu" which is good morning and give him a little nod/bow.  In return he gives me a deep bow all the while not changing his serious expression or taking his eyes off of me.  Then he continues on his way down the hall and out of site.

It is just priceless to see him growing up.  When your kids start to respond in kind, to do the appropriate thing when prompted, it is both heart warming and wrenching.  It means they are growing up.  But it also means they are growing up. Sniff.

Love out.

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Allison said...

Your description is perfect. My heart is a little warmer . thanks.