Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vistors from a Near.

So we start off with a picture the kid made of her arm with the ten teki(iv).  This was early on when she was really afraid each time she got poked.  It got better as time went along.  The final results came back today and her numbers are good.  She can go to school on Monday.  Thank goodness.

In other news the relatives from Yokohama were down for a couple of days.  These are Junko's younger brother and his family.  So Sayoko's youngest cousin is about five years older than her oldest nephew.  They are in the back of the picture at the top.  This next set of pictures is Kohei, Kazuaki and myself hanging with them one evening.  It was raucous.  

Our final picture of little miss Sicky with her mom.  This was yesterday so she was still officially sick and couldn't play inside.  Life was tough.

I meant to take some pictures of my pizza from last night.  I am resigned to having crappy crust while I am here.  Just no option for getting the hot base before transferring the pizza onto it.  However, the crowd is eating it up so I shouldn't complain.  

This weekend coming up is the neighbourhood sports day.  I think I have been entered in numerous events.  Lets hope the body holds up.

Love.  Out.

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