Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here is what you've missed.

So it has been just over a month since I touched down in the land of the humidity blues.  I arrived to find the daughter still in school and everyone else getting used to the heat.  Some outstanding events so far.  We had a dinner party in Ijuin with Sushi and such. 

I believe it was actually a birthday party for the daughter and yours truly.  Good times.  This is a picture of the littlest one modelling the latest in bug catching fashion. 

We have caught cicadas, butterflies, dragon flies and some kind of stinky bug.  Good times.  Most of the time we stick around here at home and just hang out.  The kids do lots of playing and fighting.  Good times. From oldest to youngest we have Atomu, Kiyomi, Kohei, Lilo, Tsubasa, and Kazuaki.  Sometimes Nanamu comes to stay over and she becomes the second eldest. 

So one day it was hot and we went down to the marina and swam off the back of Yoshiteru's boat.  We tried to do it the next day but it was low tide and harbour was pretty yucky.  So we took the boat out for a spin and swam in the open ocean.  It was pretty fun even if I did get a good sunburn.

I am in the middle of a beautiful swam dive here.  Really it should have been video.  Next time, next time.

Another big outing was taking the kids on the giant Ferris Wheel at Kagoshima Central station.  It was a prize for Kiyomi.  She managed to read five pages of a book in less than half an hour.  That is a Japanese book.  She has come a long way.  I am hoping that her anxiety will be way down when she goes back in September.  One step at a time. 

We also went for a visit to the Kindergarten Kohei will be attending.  They had a little summer festival and we went and enjoyed cold stream noodles, sno cones and fireworks.  The teacher was pretty worried about Kohei joining in September but after the festival it seemed like a lot of his fears had been allayed.

I am still not working although I am starting to sniff around at some offers.  It is such a blessing to finally be back in the blog hunt.  The reason I am finally blogging is that I bought a new USB cable so I can download pictures.  Still lots to think about and lots to do but more and more life is starting to flow.

Love out.


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