Sunday, July 4, 2010

Three, two, one....

Well it is my last night in town.  Holey Moley.  Just had a nice dinner with the family at Chach's place.  Good times hanging out and chowing down.  And tomorrow I leave for Japan.  I don't really know what this next year holds for my family and I.  The desire to look and plan ahead is driving me crazy.  It is so ingrained in what I do and how I do it.  But I am making myself a pledge to try and enjoy everyday for what it is.  When I am with my family I want to be present and say yes to the things I am asked, Do you want to play?  Lets go outside?  Can we make ramen for dinner?  Can we .... together?  I really hope I can make that answer yes every time.  Lets face it, I don't have anything else planned.  And when I am not doing that I hope I will read, think and write. I want to listen to Podcasts and learn to play guitar.  I want to study Japanese and learn to be a fisherman.  And I do want to plan.  I want to look ahead and see if I can make out where my life is going.  And at the same time to stay present.  Well life begins anew tomorrow.  Just like it does everyday.  Hopefully I will notice that and make the most of it.

I wish all you Canadians the best and I will try to make time to blog while in Japan. Keep you all in the loop.

Love out.


Allison said...

Maybe your japan blog needs a different flavor. Check out my friend sarahs blog statement - I think it's very interesting. And another friend who went to Nepal for a year made her blog for that time about a weekly Friday reflection on what the experience was teaching her and what she was thankful for.

Allison said... check it out