Thursday, June 17, 2010

19 Days

And then I will be whisking my way across the Pacific to the loving embrace of my family.  The wait is tough.  When I talk to them on the phone it is so bitter sweet.  I hear what they are doing but I don't get to live it.  In recent news, the daughter is doing well and getting into the swing of school.  The wife has made a decision on a Kindergarten and I believe the son will start on the 1st of July.  However, that has yet to be confirmed.  The hustle and bustle that plays in the background when I talk to them is both exciting and unnerving.  It sounds noisy. 

There is a song by Dire Straights, "So Far Away" and one of the lyrics says, "you've been in the sun and I've been in the rain, so far away from you."  It always plays in my head when I am on the phone with them.  I will have stayed up till midnight to catch them coming home and getting ready to make dinner.  Or I will call after school to catch them just before they head out the door in the morning.  Everything is always a little bit off.

And life is much quieter without them around.  I am not used to it.  I want my family.  19 Days. 


Allison said...

you should keep this post somewhere so you can give it to your sons or daughter when they decide to move away to capture just how important they are to you. it was lovely.

Canadian Expat said...

19 days and I'll be missing my family.